Postoperative Care

Postoperative and Post-Hospitalisation Care

It is widely accepted that post surgery recovery and rehabilitation from chronic illnesses is best achieved at home under the care of a professional caregiver who is supervised by a registered nurse. At Caregivers West Rand this has been borne out by our practical caregiving and home nursing experiences.

The chance of viral infection, even in well-managed hospitals is very high and the most common reason for rehospitalisation is pneumonia.

Furthermore, the very worrying advent of so-called Superbugs points to a growing problem of antibiotic resistance, which is further complicated by the lack of available treatments for patients who’ve been infected. The real alarm is that hospitals have known about deadly superbugs for years, and they’re still not doing enough to protect patients from serious harm.*

Following a stay in hospital, most people are keen to leave hospital as soon as they can to get back home to their familiar surroundings. Research shows that those recuperating at home recover much more quickly than they do if they remain hospital in-patients.

On the other hand sometimes medical aids only authorise short stays in hospital and patients are discharged too early and are not able to care for themselves or lack adequate support structures at home.

Postoperative and Post-Hospitalisation Care at Home

  • Don’t try and resume daily tasks too soon
  • Exercise slowly and in accordance with your doctor or physiotherapists instructions
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Don’t miss follow-up appointments with your doctor
  • You will probably need a caregiver to tend to wounds, prepare food, or help you move around safely. After major surgery or serious illness it is best to use a professional caregiver with the qualifications and levels of expertise to closely monitor your progress.
  • If your shows signs of infection or the symptoms of your illness return, contact your doctor immediately. It is not worth taking a risk.


At Caregivers West Rand we offer a professional postoperative and post-hospitalisation service that will help you or your loved one recuperate under optimum conditions in a familiar environment. Home-based nursing and caregiving is nearly always the best option.

* Daniela Nuñez

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